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Import Help


Jun 8, 2006
I am trying to do a practice import into my logbook. I'm in the process of buying a laptop and I want to make sure I know hot to import before I have to do the real one from my desktop over to my laptop. I made an Excel file directly from my current logbook with just a few entries and am trying to import them into my current logbook but I can't seem to get it to work. The import wizard can't seem to find the file I created. The format is correct as it is just an export into Excel from logbook pro. If I search for the file under browse it comes up but when I click next it's just a few strange symbols and nothing else. If it works I plan to just delete these imported legs from my logbook after I figure out how to do it.

Could it be because I did not use dashes in between the legs? For example in my logbook I have DTW MKG DTW TOL DTW instead of using a dash to separate the cities. Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot Neal. I watched the tutorial a couple times but I totally forgot about saving the file in that manner. That did the trick. Thanks again.