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Importing Flights to New Logbook


New member
May 27, 2005
I would like to take a group of flights from a certain aircraft and print them out seperately in my custom template format.

So I have my logbook file "DAVE3" and I would like to create a new logbook file "525A" for all my flights in a certain aircraft.

That way I can take the "525A" logbook file and print out all of my flights seperately. It would also help me if I needed flights endorsed. I could just print out the flights that needed an endorsement and give it to the instructor.

Is there a way to import the flights from on logbook file to another?

Thanks for your time,

Hello Dave,

To do this you would need to have an Enterprise Edition license so you can have multiple data files. If you need to purchase an upgrade license, you can do so by clicking here.

You can export selected rows from the Spreadsheet Style log area such as to CSV then import these back to another data file if you want. You can group your like A/C Type rows by clicking the column header of the A/C Type column which will force a sort on that column.