Inserting a Row


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Mar 23, 2005
I have just purchased the LogBook Pro software and have finished entering in all my flight times to date. I am trying to compare the LogBook Pro data to my paper Jepp logbook and have run into a problem. First, I am wondering if there is a way to have the Reports/Flight Log/Jeppesen Style/Jeppesen Style Flight Log display only show 14 rows just like my paper JeppesenProfessional Pilot Logbook. I obviously can't match up totals page for page if the rows and therefore number of flights completed are not the same. I have created my own template and adjusted it to 14 rows but I would rather just change the default Jepp View. My Second and more important question is how to insert a row into the Spreadsheet style logbook entry page. I have a flight which I managed to skip over in my data entry somewhere in the middle rows of the spreadsheet and I must now insert that flight between two existing data entrys.

Hello Matt,

1) You can trick the printout to change the number of rows by going into the Page Setup and changing top/bottom margins.
2) You can enter flights in any order as Logbook Pro will automatically sort by Flight Date on opening. The only problem is multiple filghts on the same day will sort first by Flight Date then by Entry Date/Time, so they must be entered in the order flown on a given day only.

Let me just say WOW! I am extremely impressed with the rapid response I received. Both of your solutions solved my problem. Thanks so much for a great product and equally great support. This really makes me want to recommend your software to every pilot I know.
Out of curiosity, which programming language was used to create LogBook Pro? It has a very VB look and feel although with .NET I suppose it could be C#. The only constructive criticism I might offer for future developments would involve the Ratings and Certificates data entry page. Even as a pilot I found this method of entry to be a bit confusing. I would like to see the datagrid dropped from this area of the program in favor of perferably a wizard or at least text box entry with labels describing what each field is supposed to house. Seeing a column labled grade was very confusing, for me at least, and I certainly wouldn't consider myself any less than average intelligence.

Thanks again and take care
Thanks Matt. Logbook Pro is built with VB6 and version 2 will be VB.NET. We will certainly have great advances in the user-interface with the version 2 build when that time comes, keeping in mind version 1.x was initially designed 7 years ago now.