iphone importiing schedule ideas


New member
Mar 12, 2007
I want to thank you first for all you do and how easy the logbook portion of an interview has become because of your products.

I have only downloaded the software and not done as much research as I probably should have done so I apologize if you have already addressed these issues.

1. When importing schedule my company uses local time. The iphone needs a database of cities and time zones. This way a flight across time zones shows accurate flight times. I prefer to use local time instead of zulu. It would be nice to have the option. Just like the palm APDL.

2. When you enter your out and in times I would like the total time to be displayed as 1:30 instead of 1.5. It would be nice if it worked like palm APDL.

3. The last request would be when you enter your out time your in time could change to show what it should be for the block time. For example if your flight is scheduled to leave at 14:00 and block in at 16:00 (same time zone) the scheduled block time would be 2 hours. It would be nice if you took a maintenance delay and left at 14:25 the in time would show 16:25 until you changed it. Of course the same feature would be nice across multiple time zones. This way i could just look at my phone and know approximately when we will be landing and if we are off our block times.

Again thank you