JAA users + ideas for future update

m julien

New member
Feb 20, 2005
I am a European user of your Logbook software since about 2 years now and would like to make some suggestions for a later update although I guess some or all might have been made by other users.
My profile: charter airline captain and instructor holding a JAA license.
First of all your software is very nice and powerful but for the while too much FAA oriented. I think I read on your website that your next major update will be more JAA "friendly" and I think it should be free of charge for current JAA pilot customers.

  1. In the aircraft ident field I think it should be interesting to be able to delete unused registrations. I/e: make a "hangar" field in the "Options" box or just a right click delete option when opening the A/C ident list.
  2. The windows style input table could be easier to use: it currently requires shifting from keyboard to mouse in function of the fields to be filled in (i/e: the IN-OUT, A/C ident and route of flight need the mouse to open which is not the case for A/C type). An all easy keyboard filling in should be possible.
  3. It should be possible to permanently show the Summary bar when using the "Windows style" entry table as it is when using the "spreadsheet style" entry table. It seems a useless extra click.
  4. Is there any airport data base to come in the future ?
  5. If answer to4 above is yes will there be an automatic night time calculator ?
  6. As a JAA user I always have problems to calculate my last paper logbook page subtotals. We have in Belgium 18 rows on each page (some other countries might have different formats) and of course one can have the same date of flight on 2 different pages. This makes impossible automatic pages subtotals and print-outs as the only filter I found is by date. I think a filter of a selection of number rows per page or report should be possible as well. I found it on one of your competitor software (Safelog Lobook)
  7. Linked to above remarks: The print-outs are not JAA compatible, if useful I can send a scan of our logbook format.
  8. In JAA logbooks the checks are signed in the logbook by Instructors and/or Examiners. It would be nice to be able to scan the signatures and add them to the print-outs(see Safelog Lobook). Better a scan than nothing in case one looses his paper logbook.