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Jar Compliant Logbooks

Hi Geoff,

We are planning this for version 2. Thank you for your suggestion and resource link.

Can you do me a favor and outline the exact features you'd like to see added? I printed the PDF you sent and will review for version 2 development. However, I want to be sure I don't miss anything from this 74 page document if you could outline the requirements for me clearly.</div>
Thank you.</div>

Macca said...
I was wondering if for your european customers you could add some simple features for logging hours under JAR. Below is a link tothe UK CAA Publication LASORS.


See Appendix B Flight time Logging.

Regards Geoff.

First of all I would like to thank the developers from ncsoftware for creating this very brilliant logbook software, and always trying to answer all the questions and suggestions from all over the world. T H A N K S !!

What I can say to the topic above is, that anybody who is using your software can create the logbook he would like to have or which meets the JAR-FCL 1.080 Requirements of JAR - OPS in good old europe. I will now tell you what it look like.

First we need the DATE , than the ROUTE (DEP and DEST), DEP Time and ARR Time (same as IN and OUT),Aircraft Data ( Make,Model,Variant,Registration), Single Pilot Time,Multi Pilot Time,Duration, Name of Pilot in Comand,Take Offs and Landings (Day and Night),Operational Condition Time (Night,IFR), Pilot Function Time (Pilot in Comand,Co-Pilot,Dual,Instructor), Synthetic Training Device Session(Date,Type,Session Time) and last but not least Remarks.

As I said avove, you can create and configure the software how you need it. But now my Problem starts if I would like to print my logbook in the Jeppesen style format. Is there any way to print the logbook in the Jeppessen style format with the Name of the PIC in the printout? I tried it with creating my own tamplate and when lets say I rename the topic Glider in Name of PIC and then trying to get the customized Text field from the logbook which contains the Names of the PIC its not possible. Its hard for me to explain this, but I hope you can understand what I mean. I think it would be a great advantage if we could modify the Jeppessen Print out in that way that we can print the rows from the logbook as we would like to have them and delete or rename the rows we would not like to have on the print out.

The next 'Problem' for most european users is the Time conversion. You are absolutely right when you say in the forum that we can enter the time data in the format hh:mm and the software auomaticaly converts it in the decimal time format. For the European users it would be better if the software is not converting the time format, so that we have the duration and all other relevant times always in the format hh:mm !!

Another Idea is to implement a tool which allows us to put a personal flight schedule which is in the .pdf or .xls or .doc or other document form, send to us from the company via e-mail, convert this data directly in the outlook calender. For example the schedule contains a flight on 20/08/03 From Frankfut (FRA) to Washington D.C (IAD) Call sign is LH 418 and a usual flight time of 7h 50min. The tool yould then enter the data directly to the outlook calender as follows. Date 20/08/03 Check in FRA 07:00 Dep. 08:00 Flighttime 7:50 ARR 15:50
and check out 16:20 all times UTC.
To give you an Idea what it could look like take a look at www.flugbuch-online.de this is a very nice and unique feature I think.

So I hope you can understand what I would like to tell you and it would be very nice if you could find some time to read and answer my question and suggestion. Maybe you´re implementing the Idea in one of the next update. Would be very nice to hear from you.

Best Regards and keep up the very good work !!!!
Thank you for the kind words and your valuable time in explaining the requirements. The details you and others provide will help provide what you need on the first round of version 2's release. I can let you know that many, if not ALL of what you requested is already planned for version 2.

The issue you raise on the Jeppesen style reports is noted. There is a bug with custom columns being inserted into the custom template system. We will have this fixed with 1.9.5 which is on hold awaiting an update from AppForge for the handhelds. Once AppForge releases the update, we will release 1.9.5. However, I need to go back and look at the custom text columns being used in the template. They have never been allowed for a design reason. I'll go back and see if we can quickly and easily implement this. It's better for us to use this development time towards version 2 than tweaking version 1 at this point for this particular item.
Thanks again for the great information. I may contact you offline (e-mail) for further details if required.


Hi Neal,</div>
please feel free to contact me if you like. And please take a look at http://www.flugbuch-online.de. They have a feature in there to "read" the own crew schedule which is recieved via e-mail and than automaticaly converted in the outlook - calender and via sync in a personal hand held. I think it would be great for all pilots to get something like that in Versin 2 !</div>
Thanks for ansering so quickly !!</div>

I'm looking for an e-logbook.

I watched tutorial's videos (very good quality but a way tooo long !) and found that your product was great.

I was really considering buying it...BUT...i live in europe and it's simply impossible for me to deal with the problem of time conversion. Can you confirm me that it's impossible to enter the time data in the hh:mm format ?


When the v.2 will approx. be available ?

Thank you for your post. I completely understand your issue/stance and we will accomodate the European community with the next major release (version 2). I don't have a date or a time frame to share at this time. The only advice I can provide is to enter HH:MM format in the OUT/IN or Takeoff/Land (or all) and this will provide the most accurate transfer to the HH:MM format of all other fields when the time comes.

Thank you again for using this forum so others can learn from your inquiry.

Thank you very much to have taken time to answer me :)

I hope that the development of v.2 is already quite advanced so i'll be able to wait until there.

Thanks for your suggestion but enterthe OUT/IN or Takeoff/Landis not an option for me nor than starting now with another e/logbook then switch to logbbook pro.

Excuse me to insist but this so significant function for us couldn't be implemented in a "patch" rather than to wait the v.2 ?

I'm not a specialist but is this modification really hard to implement or you just don't want to make another v.1.x... ?

This is a major overhaul of the software unfortunately as Logbook Pro 'thinks' in decimal and we don't want to cause all kinds of problems making this kind of change in this stage of the game. Additionally, it is best to put the development effort into version 2 instead of sacrificing version 2 development time to further modify and significantly in this case, version 1. Thank you for your continued patience.

This seems to be a recurring discussion between LBP and European Pilots. For all those pilots that like to have a JAR/Compliant logbook: You have to wait a little. I have been addressing this same issue for quite some time, and have made a temporary converion via excel. LBP exports the data and you can convert everything. The good thing is that LBP lets you log more then one decimal. 1 hour 20 min equals 1.3333. This works fine and then on a later time this will be converted to minutes. I would advice anyone to use this program to keep track of everything, as it is the best available at this time and customer service is second to none.

If anyone wants to have my excel conversion for the time being, please contact me off forum at jacco@vliegt.nl

Once again, keep up the good work and as always, I can't wait to see version 2...


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Thanks for your reply, that's great! Can you send me your Excel file to support@nc-software.com and if it's something I can automate, maybe I can include it with the 1.9.5 release, with your permission, to help your EU counterparts.

Hi all

I have just downloaded your latest version, and realise (after playing with the software all day today )that I also require a JAR compliant version,

At present I use Odyssey Pro (On a Psion 5MX) from navtech software (www.navsoft.co.uk) Unfortunately they do not support PPC 2002 machines.

The coloum entries that I required are pretty much what has been said earlier.

If it is of any help I have uploaded a tab seperated value export file of my logbook, with all column headings to:

I will almost certainly buy a copy of version 2 when I see it.

What I would like to see in the evaluation version, to give more chance to play with the data that I already have is this:
Rather than limit the number of entries imported, allow import of unlimited entries, BUT with the ability to add new entries not available, OR restricted to maybe 10 or so entries. This would still mean that people would have to buy the full prog in order to use it, but allow a better overview of functions of the prog


Neil P
Always the same old question...but the waiting's killing me ! Ok i know you're not going to give us any release date for v.2. I can understand why but perhaps you could give us an idea of the current stage of developpement (50% ? 80 % ?).

How far is v.2 ? months ? years ? You can see i really wait your product because i definitely think it's the best out there but be comprehensive...

Thanks for any news
I have seen a lot of request concerning UK CAA logbook, please don’t forget the JAA countries.</o:p>
Some will not accept the <st1:country-region><st1:place>UK one but will request the exact JAA layout. see the attached file</o:p>
Thank you very much.