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Feb 28, 2002
Hello everyone,

I realize this subject has been done to death, but I just want to make everybody from europe (or anyone else who likes to log in minutes) aware that I have spent quit a bit of spare time on making a MS Access conversion to print out a completely JAR/FCL compliant Jeppesen logbook, based on the data inside LBP. I'm waiting for version 2 ever since I bought the program in 2001. I understand that since it's a complete new build that it takes time before a good and solid program (like the current one) can be released.

Consider my file a temporary solution to your problem. There are a few minor details to take into consideration before you request my file:

-The second Custom Text Field should have the Captains Name if other then Self
-The layout is created to print perfectly on A4 size paper, so Letter might require adjustments
-You will need some basic knowledge of Access (e.a. use link manager to point to your .lbk file)
-You need to have 4 letter codes (so american ORL should be KORL)
-The custom fields that you created (and I didn't know of) are not implemented
-The Left and right page are seperate reportsfor easy duplex printing
-Calculations are based on VB scripts (so print without flipping through pages to prevent errors)


It does however display a complete log as the JAR/FCL Jeppesen layout. The data is coming out of LBP and therefor you keep logging the way you did (for me that means in lots of decimals e.a. 1:20=1.333333)

Mail me off forum if you are interested (jacco@vliegt.nl). I did not implement all the beautifull reports etc that LBP has, due to the extend of work.

Neal, this is not meant against you, but the discussion on minutes just keeps going.. Keep up the excellent work


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