Announcement Logbook Pro Android BETA 5 (7.9.5) Released

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
The next beta should appear soon as it is just starting to roll out through Google Play. The following improvements are in this update:
  • Optimized Sync system to a new Auto Sync where changes are detected and sync will fire when closing out of data areas. You can also choose Manual sync to command sync when desired.
  • Improved (fixed) Android Permissions request system
  • Auto Night is now handled natively in the app and does not require an Internet connection
  • Various other fixes and improvements
The biggest item here is that sync was firing way too often in Android which made the app feel sluggish. This is due to the architecture of Android and how the logic for suspend/resume works. As a result the sync logic has been changed as you'll see in Settings > Synchronization where you can effectively choose Sync Automatically where it will detect changes and also sync on app resume after the app is not used for a few minutes so as to pick up changes coming in from your PC. Or you can command a sync manually as desired.

There are still a few major items to get through before the release goes public. Thank you for your continued testing and please report any findings, good or bad, to this forum.