Jun 22, 2005
I just transfer data into the logbook Pro. I have no departure or arrival airports on the new logbook pro program, but I did make the arrival and departure qentry prior to the data transfer. Do I have to go to each entry and add this in. I notice it did take some of the routes flown but not all of them. How do I fix this problem?
Hello Chuck,

When using the Import Wizard, which I assumed is how you transferred data to Logbook Pro, you can pick either the From and To fields and Logbook Pro will combine into the combined 'Route' column, or select the 'Combined From-To' field for mapping to the Route column. If this data is missing, ensure it exists in your source data and I suggest backing up your data file, then reimport after checking your mappings again.

To make sure I transfer this correctly the next time. I want the depart and arrival and route to display. How can I put this in without a numeric value. and transfer over the cities to each column?
Hello Chuck,

The source information must have the airport identifiers in a separate FROM and TO column, or combined in a FROM-TO format. If you want to combine the airports and route so that it imports into the Route column of Logbook Pro properly, you could create a ToModified column which combines the Route and TO data, so you would map in the FROM to the FROM individual mapping, then the ToModified to the TO mapping, this way you'd get your Route to appear correctly.

Logbook Pro maintains one column called ROUTE which holds information such as KRIC-KDFW-KLAX so you can put multiple legs in one line. There is no separate airport identifier related information that has city data, etc.

Please refer to the Import Wizard documentation by clicking Help...Contents within Logbook Pro or online at http://help.logbookpro.com.

I've tried doing this and for some reason, I just get the route information from the transfer and not the dep or arrival.I could settle with it reading all the way across but the routing, but some entries just doesn't make it. What way would work out the problem?
Please explain the source information you are trying to bring in?

How are you importing the data?

What format is your data? TAB or Comma Delimited?

In the data you are trying to import, you should have either one column with route information, or two columns separated in a FROM and TO information.

I'm trying to bring in dep and Arrival and routing. I'm having a very difficult time with this merger. I'm not getting it?
As stated above, you can only map in either a FROM and TO column, or a combined From-To source column. It sounds like you are trying to import three columns of data where you cannot. You'd have to prepare the data before using the import wizard combining your "route" column with the From or To columns data.

For example, say you have a From, To, and Route columns of information you want to import. The only way you can do this is using a program such as Microsoft Excel. You would create a new column calling it "From-Route Combined" then add a simple formula that combines the From and Route column connected with a hyphen. Now you import the two columns into Logbook Pro, your "FROM-Route Combined" map to the FROM column target, and your existing TO column maps to the TO column.

If you need additional assistance, I suggest filling out a support ticket and use the Attachment feature to provide the source tab or comma delimited data file you are trying to import.