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LogbookPro JAR ?


Active member
Apr 19, 2003
Dear Neal,

well done ! The new Update with FAR 121/135 features works really great !

But, I am really disappointed !

I am using your Logbook now for more than 2 years, and am highly alerted for
every update you release in the hope to see JAR 1.080 compliance.

There should be many Europeans around using your Software, please give us in
the near future an update concerning JAR 1.080.

Try to support the Europeans as well, your LogbookPro should get very popular here as well.

If JAR Compliance will be released I will write an article for a German Aviation Magazin about
LogbookPro and its features.

All the best !

Timo /Forums/emoticons/embarassedlaugh.gif /Forums/emoticons/smash.gif