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Logging NON-Pilot time

Paul Carlson

New member
Sep 24, 2006
As a neophyte Logbook Pro user, I'm frustrated by not being able to log ALL my flying time; such as my USAF navigator time. Surely, others have used it for logging Flight Engineer time, etc.

Tried changing the title of " EXAMINER " to " NAV ", thinking that it would accept that classification as pilot time - but true to form ... it was ignored (NO log entry is entered).

Certainly, someone else has found a solution to such a situation .
Hello Paul,

For Logbook Pro to accept a flight you need to have the following columns filled with data:

Date, A/C Type, A/C Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM).

Although Logbook Pro was not designed to track things like ground school, i.e. items where the columns above are not filled in, you can override this functionality. First, if it's simply not having a tail number or route, enter "N/A" in these fields. If you don't have a Duration or SIM value, then go into Options...Flight Log then clear the "FAR Error Checking" checkbox and also the bottom most checkbox regarding auto-clean (purge routine) which cleans up invalid flight log entries not meeting the required columns.
Have you thought about customizing which data fields are excluded from error checking. Just like the OP, I have flight engineer time that I would like to keep track of, but I don't want to turn error tracking off, because I think it's a very helpful feature to keep me from fat-fingering in my times, which I have been known to do once in a while. That way I would be able to designate "Flight Engineer" and "Sim" to be exempt from error checking, and the OP would be able to check "Navigator" and "Sim" exempt.