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Lookback Date on PDA is about 3 sync's old


Dec 14, 2004
Good day,

Using an Ipaq 3700, LBP 1.10.23 and 1.10.14 for the PDA.
Pocket Pc is Ver 4.20.1081 (Build 13100)

It has all worked fine for a while, now when using any of the Reports (look back / Currency / etc.) the date the PDA is using is from 3 Sync's ago.

I have "purged" the PDA info as recommended after the Sync; I have closed the PDA software and preformed a soft reboot on the Ipaq.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks.

The data is updated when you close Logbook Pro PC edition while the Pocket PC is cradled and connected via ActiveSync.

Cradle your PPC, start Logbook Pro on the PC, close Logbook Pro on the PC, then view the data on your PPC again.

Excellent!!! And speedy as well!!

Thanks, keep up the good work!