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More Category/Class Breakdowns (Add Sub-Class, Maybe)


New member
May 5, 2005
Vancouver, BC Canada

As a pilot of various types of aircraft, I'd like to see a more advanced breakdown of category and class, including sub-class. . .

Aircraft -> Airplane / Ultralight -> Single Engine / Multi-Engine -> Amphibious / Land / Sea
Rotorcraft -> Helicopter / Gyroplane
Lighter-Than-Air -> Airship / Balloon -> Hot Air / Gas
Other -> Powered Parachute

It would be nice to then be able to break down times using any or all of the category, class, or sub-class. For example, I may want to see how much time I have in Lighter-Than-Air, then maybe specifically Hot Air Airships, maybe Balloons, maybe broken down between gas balloons and hot air balloons, etc. . .

This might be easily done by adding a column in the aircraft set-up page for sub-class.

Maybe also a way to save aircraft by registration as well?




R. Craig Westcott
Calgary, AB Canada
E-Mail: rcwestcott@shaw.ca