Multiple N-numbers etc. on Same Entry?


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Nov 8, 2002
I am getting ready to purchase this program and to put all prior logs into it. I have for some time (probably a bad habit) created a single line entry in my log for a daily trip which often consists of 1 to 7 legs of flying in multiple different tail numbers but always in the same TYPE of aircraft. While it would be nice in the future to break down how much time I have in EACH tail number I obviously have not tracked that, nor tracked how much time I spent flying each leg, only the daily total.

Is there a good way to enter the list of tail numbers I flew on a given day if I enter that day as a one line entry? By the same token is it easy to enter a multiple leg sequence ie. MDW-IND-MDW-DSM-MDW-DAY on a one line entry?

In the future my new found automation with an airline pilot logbook via my PDA that syncs with this program (not the Palm version of this program) will make my log very detailed and each line will represent a single flight but I can't fix what I did in the past, just need to know how flexible the program is to handle how I entered my data before.



We all have to deal with our past, don't we?? /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Well, if you want times broken down by Ident, then, of course, you need to conform to good behaviour and enter one entry per ident flown.

The Ident field is simply a text entry field, you can do with it what you want. However, Logbook Pro will take your string of Idents and assign times to them in the Analyzer, but that shouldn't matter, not much you can do about it. The list of 15 Idents is time based, so as you move farther away from that 'practice' the ident listings will reflect your current flying activity.

Hope this helps! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

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