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Jan 29, 2010

I am interested in seeing what format your American Airlines Sabre APDL would like to see. I am unable to get anything to successfully load into LBP using the .csv AAPilots Sabre data that we can d/l from there. It seems to me that if the American Airlines company website can output .csv vcal ical outlook html or vcs LBP should be able to accurately read one of these formats.

The closest I have gotten anthing to work, but the dates are not being "decoded" correctly end up giving gibberish in which everything is out of order.

I would greatly appreciate any help I might receive.

Thanks In Advance

If you're having a problem importing a schedule please submit a support ticket and include sample trip data and we'll see if we can adjust our parsers for you. Be sure to try AUTO first and if that doesn't work then choose the specific filter from the drop down list.

Thank you.

Thanks, I tried both of those options. What I will do is forward you the data we get from the company website via .csv as well as the cut paste via html that we get off of our union TASC page of that website.

I would imagine there are quite a few pilots like myself who would make the switch to electronic if it were easier to import their past schedules as well as current.

Ticket in progress