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Jan 18, 2005

I am new to your software. My story is I have been using airline logbook with my pda and printing from their software with the MGO binder and paper. I am looking forward to the graphs and reports available with your program.

Question: What's the best way to transfer my flight time (4000hrs) in my paper logbook to logbook pro

Question: Will I be able to Hotsync my info from my pda into your program?
Hello Aaron,

Welcome to Logbook Pro. Please refer to this article for information on doing mass transfers. Yes, you can sync your PDA data if using either Logbook Pro PDA Companions or APDL. You stated you were using APDL so please check their site for information on importing data to Logbook Pro. They have several methods of moving APDL data into Logbook Pro.

thanks for the speedy reply.

On the logbook grand total report, is there anyway to NOT show the MLS, LDA ect, ect info. In other words can I customize what I want to show on the grand total report.

Also if I'm not going to go back and log every single flight I've done (which I may, haven't decided yet) when logging let's sayall myBAe 146 time on one single entry do I have to fill in the routing, off/on, instrument ect, ect for the program to "take" the info. Hopefully that made sense.

Essentially I want a report I can print every 1-3 months to show my grand totals to date for PIC, SIC, Instrument, Jet and so on.

Soooo, what's the quickest way to get the info from my paper log into the computer? Should I just take each aircraft I've flown and insert the total night, instrument ect, and then let the program add it all up?

Sorry for being rather incompetent with the software, I just don't want to waste any time if there quick ways to do this.

thanks again.

Hi Aaron,

You can customize the layout of the logging area by going to Options...Flight Log and clicking the Display Config button. As for the report, no, they are not customizable other than the Report Template system. The totals/summary report is not configurable. However, there are so many ways in Logbook Pro to extract data, you CAN customize the Analyzer display and hide the columns then print the Analyzer area to suit your needs.

There are five required columns to validate a flight entry: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM if no Duration). Therefore you would have to enter a value such as "Transfer" or "Carry-Over" or "N/A" as examples.

Please refer to the many resources to help you learn more about Logbook Pro. The documentation, tutorials, online tour, etc.

Happy Logging!