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Sep 16, 2008
We really need a night theme badly, please! The white/grey/charcoal theme is fresh and modern but when flying at night it burns your retinas. Could you come up with an inverse theme, please? This would include:

background: black
headers: slightly less charcoal than they are now so there is contrast with the black background
header text: light grey
text: light grey
other header text, flight headers, etc could be: red, orange, sand, green

You would also need an easy to reach toggle on the main screen and especially the Flights page.

Personally I had the exact opposite opinion. I think the current theme is a great theme for Day or night, with no need for a night theme. All I have to do is dim for night, (which Is usually done already for EFB), and bright for day.

OOPS! I was in wrong forum. Thought this was in reference to APDL Beta :$
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I'd like to get dark themes for Logbook Pro Mobile, we did this for APDL. It's low priority at the moment but it's already on the tracker as a feature request. We'll see how hard it will be based on our existing architecture and graphics in use.