NOTHING comes up in analyzer!


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Mar 7, 2011
Quite strange. I've used LPB for years now...last netbook finally died, moved all the data over to my new computer. It is an Asus eee pc, 1015 model. Running windows 7 on it (upgraded to Home Premium).

Two issues: I can no longer enter logbook entries using the windows style, just the spreadsheet. Old dog learned new tricks, okay, entered.
Other problem is BIGGER--analyzer doesn't. I select it (using F11, the analyzer button, or from the file menu). The calender shows up, and I hit ALL DATA, or put in a date range, or use last 10 years...and nothing happens. Nada. Zip.

Yet when I try the reports section, I get good reports on the 8710, aircraft configuration totals, etc.

Just an idea...might have something to do with screen size, or resolution? But what, and how do I fix it????!!

See if this KB article assists you with your issue. If you're using Windows Vista/7 make sure your data file (the file that ends in .LBK) is located in your My Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder AND you're also using the latest version which is 1.11.2 as of this writing. If your spreadsheet log is having a problem, see this article on how to reset your layout. If the problem remains please open a help desk ticket and provide us a backup of your data file (File..Backup).

It was the wrong version. Somehow, on my new computer two days ago, I downloaded version 1.9.9, and can definitively say that it doesn't work with Win7HP. Thanks for the help! Much happier now.