Number of landings incorrect


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Feb 4, 2007

2 legs as PF, 2 legs as PM. Why does it show 4 landings?
Seriously? You guys can't even do simple arithmetic. Not only this, but my duty end times got messed up also with the new sw. So much for beta testing. Seems like beta testing is just starting now. I paid $150 for this? Where is Auman? His original Palm APDL was incredible, simple, and virtually bug-free. It never crashed, it never made a math error, it displayed ALL the information, it used almost no memory, and it was intuitive. This is none of those things.

Before you ask, in settings PF shows credit a landing, and PM does not.
I think that last landing should have been night, too. What is the criteria for night landings?
Your PM might be set to credit a landing. Check in settings-position and look at your CA-PM settings.

As for the night landing, APDL uses sunset/sunrise, twilight times. Neal or one of the guys can explain it better.
I closed the iPad. Then launched the iPhone (which I realize now does not show landings in the trip page). I looked on the summary page. It was correct. I went back to the iPad. It still showed 4 landings, but then a second later, it corrected it to 2. Hmmm. Is it really that hard?