ok.. this is really really weird


Jul 6, 2005
So, I come home from a trip... boot up the ole computer. launch logbook pro.. it asks me to enter activation keys. I do... my database is gone. Thank God for back ups. So.. I restore a back up. Hook up my Treo.. do a sync. Try to import the data.. it asks me for an acivation code. I put one in. It accepts it... then goes back to the original screen telling me its not been activated and asking for an activation code. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

What changed on your computer? There is no reason from our software standpoint that your database would go MIA, or a problem with your activation. It sounds like something has corrupt or reset your Windows Registry, where both of these pieces of information are stored. Please submit a support ticket including your name and registration code so we can assist further.
hmm... i run a registry cleaner program every so often.. but it's never conflicted with logbook pro. But i'll submit a ticket and we'll see what happens.