Old Monthly Data Files


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Nov 14, 2007
I have been using APDL for almost 3 years and am accumulating the data files each month on my Treo 650. Aside from not being able to access APDL information from the past, is there any problems associated with deleting these files? I have already sync'ed APDL to Logbook Pro, back up every month, and have the paper logbook printed in August 2007.

I dont really care what flight happened in Sept 2005 on May 17. Thanks in advance for any help.
I would make a backup of the PDB files located in C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup and keep a zip archive if you ever want the files again. There is no reason you cannot delete the older files if you want or are running low on memory in your palm. As APDL files are very small and Palm memory is typically not an issue these days you just have to weigh the benefit.
How about the answer to the above question for the PPC version of APDL? I have been thinking about the same thing. Also, when I tried to Archive past months, they aren't removed from my PDA which is slowing my sync with LBP.
You would have to remove the date tagged .ddd files out of the /My Documents/APDL folder on the device which I highly discourage.

Is there a way to change the data storage location from on the device PPC (palm700wx) to use the storage card for data instead. I want to keep the program iteslf on the PPC and just the data go to the card. It would free up a ton of memory. Is it as simple as just creating a directory on the card and moving all the files there?
I'm afraid we do not support external storage cards. The data files are small and external SD cards should not be necessary.

When we first install it, there was an option to load it on the data card, or load in on the device itself (if I remember correctly). After running the program for a long period of time, I am finding that the very small data files are begging to stack up to rather a large amount of data being stored on the device itself.

If others are not having this problem yet, once they have used the product long enough, they will encounter this problem too. Most of the PPC's do not have a large amount of built in storage, but after a few years they will be facing the same problem I am. This may be something that should be addressed with a fix of some kind. The ideal solution being to store the program and system files on the PDA and the data files on a storage card (SD).