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Other column in Payroll


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Feb 4, 2007
Can someone explain the :04, :26 and :14 minutes in other:


Here are the trips:



You would have to post screenshots of the difference between scheduled and actual block times for each flight in order to analyze that.

I just reviewed an entire trip I flew and every instance of time in the other column was underblock totals.

Deadhead credit is another thing that can go in the other column.
Sometimes it is underblock and on other trips it is overblock. In the payroll summary on some trips the other + Scheduled = credit and other trips the actual + other = credit.
No rigs. Here is the weird logic: if scheduled is greater than actual, other is the difference between credit and scheduled (underblock). If actual is greater than scheduled, other is the difference between credit and actual. I don't think this messes up any calculations, but it makes the OTHER column kind of meaningless and arbitrary. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Actually, I see in the documentation that this is exactly what it does, OTHER is the difference between whichever is greater, scheduled or actual and credit. A little weird, no?
That OTHER is basically a pay adjustment. Doesn't serve any purpose to have it displayed, since total credit is on the right side. There is other more pertinent info that could be displayed on the summary, like TAFB and duty.
I do like having sick, deadhead, training, etc in OTHER, but the block or better adjustment doesn't seem like it should be in the same category as those non-flying pay items, or even need to be displayed.