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Jul 14, 2002
I originally downloaded the Palm Companion through the link provided by NC Software that was in the first e-mail notification. The programs that installed on my Palm where Booster by AppForge and Palm Log Pro by Nomad Technologies. The software notification page said to Register with Nomad Technologies, not NC Software...

After receiving notification of the 1.7 Build 40 update, I removed Logbook Pro, Booster and Palm Log Pro from my PC and my Palm. The programs that loaded this time where Logbook Pro 1.7 Build 40, Booster and Logbook Pro for the Palm. This appears on the surface to be totally different software than Palm Log Pro ny Nomad.

I am confused as to why there where two separate Palm programs. Are they one and the same? The newer Palm Companion looks totally different from the Palm Log Pro program and it seems to be $7.00 more to register it. Are the features the same as in Palm Log Pro? Is the NC Software Palm Companion simply a modified version of Palm Log Pro that syncs with the PC version of Logbook Pro? Can the NC Software Palm Companion be customized as much as Palm Log Pro?

I can promise you we don't bundle other peoples software with ours! /forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

I think you may have had Palm Log Pro in your HotSync install cue or from another evaluation you may have been tinkering with, but we are in NO WAY associated with anything other than our very own 'Logbook Pro Companion' located in the Logbook Pro\Palm Companion folder.

Logbook Pro Companion costs $29.95 and is customizable only by Logbook Pro PC's customization, i.e. the Options...Custom area, and preferences settings in the Logbook area (accessed via the menu options).

Hope this Helps (HTH).

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I think that is exactly what happened. I think I was going to experiment with Palm Log Pro to see if it would work out. I am glad you finally came up with a version that works with Logbook Pro. Sorry for the confusion. I rarely perform a HotSync Operation and Palm Log Pro must have been waiting to download.

You might want to look at the features of Palm Log Pro though and think about adding some to your software. It seems pretty complete:

Palm Log Pro Feature List:

Most information on single configurable edit page. Several other configurable pages available.

All labels adjust to either Standard or Alternate (e.g. civ/mil) based on aircraft.

Tail#s, Airfields, Crew Name, and PickLists auto-memorized to editable databases.

12 different time breakdown fields with custom labels. (72 total customizable fields).

Default values options enhanced from original.

Auto calculate duration from times. Can also track 2 other sets of times (Block, Duty, etc)

Categories can be used for mission/training, civ/mil, etc.

Many filtering options including time ranges.

Log displays enhanced - Day, Month, Year, Range.

Scrolling by page instead of line.

Hours:Minutes, Single and Double Decimal time values (also tables for USAF, USN, USA)

Enhanced Totals page.

Numerous custom fields including checkboxes and dropdown lists.

Support for Crew Lists.

Unlimited aircraft with more details (including bulk starting hours as of a date).

Page Layouts and field names stored in databases that can be shared.

Color and Grayscale support for enhanced highlighting of items needing attention.

Powerful currency tracker automatically calculates limits/mins and simple due date items.

Dropdowns for time and counter fields.
No problem!

Yes, I am aware of this palm app and many others, however, we followed strict guidelines with Logbook Pro Palm Companion from our requirements, feedback from the Wish List area, and the 50+ beta team that helped sculpt the Palm Companion.

The Palm Companion is in no way designed to be a standalone Palm application. It is designed to be complimentary to Logbook Pro PC version so that you enter information on the road then sync (upload) this information to the PC. The Palm companion doesn't carry your entire logbook as the palm resources are limited and again, this was in conflict with the design goals.

I am all ears for suggestions and will accomodate the best I can with the version 2 companions when that time comes. We have a Palm and soon Pocket PC companion to make our lives easier, I hope you are happy with the straight forward and reliable system I am providing you.

Thanks again for the great feedback.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.