Palm OS 5

No there is no date and I'm not sure it's coming soon based on correspondence with AppForge. It is a licensing problem, and from what I hear, Palm OS 5 is an interim fix for something to come, so people are holding out as Palm OS 5 may not be all it's meant to be according to some experts. I personally suggest the Palm 515, it's a fantastic PDA for the Palm side.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
When are software developers going to understand and say to the customers 'thanks for the valid sugestions and let's see how we can improve our products for you' I'm sorry but reading through these postings I feel nothing short of frustrated and am finding it extreemly hard to remain a gentleman here...

Meanwhile, allow me to express one fundamental statement for professional aviators; Pilots use UTC time, period. Palm datebooks and daily family life like alarms, reminders etc. run on local home time, these distinctions make it imperative that a solution to this data entry issue is found.
Sure there are workarounds, but this software was supposed to make life less complicated, right?
Hi Ian,

I'm not sure the reason of your post in this thread. Palm OS 5 has been supported for a long time now with Logbook Pro, one of the first PDA logbooks to support the new OS.