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Part 135 Currency


New member
Mar 26, 2005
My currency for 135 never updates to reflect any times. What box amI checkingor how do I set it up to track 135 and 121 flights?
Did you create a custom currency or are you inquiring about the 121 and 135 data automatically calculated by Logbook Pro?

If you are inquiring about the data presented by Logbook Pro, the numbers calculate automatically based off of your flight times (Duration) entered with your flight log entries.

If you believe there is a problem, confirm you are using and created a backup of your data file (File..Archive..Backup) and send the BAK file to support@nc-software.com for review.


I received your file but I am not sure what you are inquiring about. I don't see any custom currencies for 121 or 135 so I am assuming you are using the default 121 and 135 information provided by Logbook Pro When you click the 'Lookback' button on the Logbook Pro status bar, do you see the 121 and 135 flyout information? It is updated whenever you actually click that Lookback button, as well as the report 'should' be updated every time the 121 and 135 Status report is generated. If you are seeing otherwise, please let me know, and also verify you are using The 121/135 reports are based off of your Duration column.


I re-read your support ticket and think I see the issue. First off, I highly recommend you reset your spreadsheet style layout by going into the Spreadsheet area, click the far left icon on the 2nd toolbar row 'Logbook Options' then click RESET from the popup menu. Realize you can customize the display by right-clicking in the spreadsheet area then going to the 'Configure Display...' area, which is also accessed in the Options...Flight Log area.

When viewing the Windows Style Log I see you have checkboxes for 121 and 135. Logbook Pro does not break time down via these checkboxes you created but counts all time flown towards these calculations. Therefore whenever you make a duration change, i.e. new flight, modified flight, the 121 and 135 status reports will reflect the new information instantly. The 121 and 135 features in 1.9.x are 'quick info' areas and not designed to break time down per flight, i.e. some flights/types count, some don't. This is something that will be improved in the next version.

Hope this sheds more light on the situation you are encountering.