Part 135 XC-over/under 50: Tips or Tricks?


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Aug 26, 2002
How does everyone log the over/under 50nm cross country trips? I have a lot of short little hops, some before 1997. (When it changed for the ATP req'mt I think?)

I want to be able to break out the trips which meet 135 requirements.
I inserted a custom field for time and called it 'All XC' and placed it next to the XC column. Into the 'All XC' column I put all the time spent on a flight if I land at any airport other than the departure airport. I renamed 'XC' to '>50 XC' because I think the 8710 feature on the software will use that column (regardless of the renaming) for reporting on the FAA form.

Hope this helps! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Chris Parks

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