Partial install cleanup and use of flash card on a PalmOne Zire31


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Apr 24, 2005

For some time now, I have been running Logbook Pro for Palm on a Handspring Visor. I no longer have that pda and in the process of installing Logbook Pro for Palm, vers. on my PalmOne Zire31, ran out of memory.

Error message was:

SFX Installer
ERROR: Not enough space for extraction. Space needed 1567 kb, space available 1171 kb.

The partial install also left an icon on the pda labeled "Lbk_pro-In..."

At this point, on the main memory, taping any key at this point caused a soft reset. When I tried to load the program onto a flash card (with 400MB free space), got the exact same message, just no soft reset.

So, two questions.

Ithink the recommendation at this point is to delete the Logbook Pro installation before proceeding. Unfortunately, Logbook Pro does not show up in the delete list. Crossfire, which I installed separately beforehand, is on the list, but no Logbook Pro. So, how do I clean up this partial installation?

Question 2: Can LogbookPro for the Palm be installed on a flash card? Or does it have to go into main memory?

Any help will be appreciated.


Steve McRae
Pilot from NH
Hi Steve,

'Clean up' the PDA by removing the installer and anything related to Logbook Pro (Lbk Pro on the PDA, Booster, and Ingots). Then reinstall. The installer removes itself after the installation is complete.

No, SD cards are not supported at this time.