PocketPC crashes

Jay Chandler

Mar 28, 2005

I discovered a slight glitch with the pocket PC version today. I fly lots of short sectors and we often log a rotors start to shut down time based on times 2mins before takeoff and 2 mins after landing.
At the end of a long day's flying today, I entered the data for my last sector during the actual shut down, with the result that the landing time I was trying to enter was 1 min later than the actual time. (i.e I was trying to enter a landing time of 16:20 when the actual time was 16:19)
On trying to save the record, this resulted in a general error message and the instruction to quit and re start the program. On doing this, I had lost all the previous days saved flights and had to re-enter all the data.
It is reasonable that the program should baulk if you try and enter a landing time that "doesn't yet exist", but perhaps the program could just suggest you correct the time rather than crash and lose all the previous data.
I accept that this is not likely to be a common situation, but it may cause problems if a wrong time is entered by mistake, or there is a problem in the synch between system time and pilot's watch / gps time.
Just thought you might like to know about this.
Hello Jay,

The data is not actually written to the storage on the PPC until the logbook dialog is closed. All SAVES are in memory then written to disk when you close out. So if you were entering several days worth of data then the program caughed, for whatever reason, and Logbook Pro closed, then yes, you will lose the data not yet written to disk.

Logbook Pro is not time zone aware and should allow you to enter any times you want. If you can reproduce the issue, tell me exactly what to enter to cause the error and I'll investigate it further.
Hi Neal,
As ever thanks for you really prompt replies.
I guess it must have just been a one off glitch as now that I am at home, I am unable to reproduce the problem. As you suggest, the program will allow me to enter any times that I want. The only thing I haven't tried is entering several previous flights first then one with an erroneous time. If I find anything I will let you know!!