Report Printing Question (Route of Flight)


Jul 9, 2005
Is there a way to insert "line breaks" in the Route of Flight column?

For example, I log my flights by day and sometimes have 6-8 legs per line. The routing on the "Commander" printing shows up as:


I'd much rather it print:


So you're saying that I need to go through 200+ logbook pages and manually input line breaks? Isn't that something that could be coded into a future update of LBP?

The problem with doing it manually is twofold:

First, in the spreadsheet view, I can adjust the width of the column, so I'd have to find an troublesome entry in the Reports>Flight Logs>Split Reports>etc and then go back into the spreadsheet view to "edit"...then return to report and find the next one. Also, future entries would also have to be manually adjusted (as opposed to the "quick and dirty" method of syncing). Right now, my LB looks like this:


A few lines later, a 5-leg day looks like this:


Both have 5 looks professional, the other not so much.

The second obstacle is that in the future, if I print in a different format (with a different "Route" column width or font size), I would have to "re-adjust" ALL the entries to print correctly...

OR are you saying there is a way to eliminate the hypens altogether? If so, how? And would my routes show up as:




I could live with the second example.

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It is a suggestion for long entries if you're having a problem with it not wrapping in the report. I will log a case to see if in a future update we can resolve this and see why it's not wrapping in this field.
Thanks Neal...

I know about as much computer programming as I do brain I don't know how hard/easy/possible a fix for this may be. Ideally, it would only "wrap" after a hypen.

It would work if there was a way to limit the characters before wrapping...

i.e. If I could manually set the maximum limit to 16 characters before wrapping, it would go:


Or if there was a "Shrink to Fit" option (though that would be less desireable, as 8-legs shrunken to a single line may look silly as well).
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If you want to send me a backup of your data file (File..Backup) I could look into helping you come up with a solution. You can submit a ticket via the help desk and attach your .BAK file.

You could try creating a custom report template and see how it works first, then work with increasing the row height and then again preview the custom report and see if it makes a difference.

There are some options in how to handle this but people use different separators for fixes, i.e. it's not standard. Shrink to fit may work to a certain extent but it could also make the information less readable. Trailing dots such as XYX-ABC... could also be an option. Ultimately you have to weight how import the route field is to you when you are loading up a lot of information into a single field such as this. I have logged a case and will see if there is a good way to handle this. It has come up before and we programmatically replaced all dashes with spaces to resolve this issue for a another customer so it would wrap. The hyphens are making the field think it's one word and therefore not wrapping, it's not as smart as MS Word for example.
Gotcha...I'll submit the backup file. Spaces instead of hypens would work wonderfully if I can easily change the existing entries to that format and then sync new entries from the iphone app in that same format.

The reason it is a problem is I am thinking of purchasing the Commander Binder/logpages...I want to make sure everything is going to look nice in print before spending the $$$ and being disappointed with the results. Do those logpages come with rows/colums preprinted, or is it a blank sheet of paper with holes prepunched?

I reviewed your data file and I see that the Route field IS wrapping. I further understand your inquiry and it's not about wrapping or not, it's where it wraps. There's nothing I can do to fix this issue as the wrapping is not going to detect the hyphen vs. a character. I personally think this issue is very minor but if you want me to replace all hyphens with a space for you I'd be happy to do so.
Exactly...It is wrapping, I want it to wrap (and expect the program to in order to include all the "route" data), I just don't want it to split an airport identifier down the middle (well...2/3s of the way) in order to do so, thus leaving me with lines that look like:


(Where "aaa", etc = airport codes)

Replacing everything with spaces would be do I carry out that function when I sync from the cloud? Is there an option somewhere to eliminate the hypen between airport codes? Is this something I could do myself, or do I need to send you my .BAK file each time?
I actually have to do it programmatically, it's not something you can do. It's a problem I suggest just accepting because Logbook Pro PC is going to use a hyphen by default for the airfield separator as is our apps such as the iPhone app. You have to weigh how important this issue really is to you. I do have a case open to see if it's something that can be fixed, but I don't know if/when another PC edition update will come out was 1.11.1 was just released and there are no known issues, i.e. this one issue is not going to warrant a product update.

I greatly appreciate your feedback as this is how the product gets better every day by knowing what issues customers have such as you brought to our attention.
I agree it is a fairly minor thing (doesn't affect everyone, and those it does affect, it doesn't affect all the time, and those that it does affect some of the time won't care). Thus it doesn't warrant an immediate update. But I feel it warrants an update nonetheless.

One of the main reasons I invested in an electronic logbook program and specifically Logbook Pro/APDL was because of the ease of transferring information via syncing and the ability to print out logpages instead of handwriting (and trying to decipher) everything. I can do A LOT of things with LBP, but if I can't print out a logbook in a format that is easy on the eyes (and will help at an interview), it loses A LOT of its luster.

I can accept the problem for now (no interviews that require a printed logbook in the immediate future), but it is an issue that is important to me and something I would like to see updated. I can't justify spending $200+ on the Commander Binder/pages when I know that I won't be satisfied with the results.

Is there a possibility that you can allow the user to select a hyphen or space as an airfield separate in a future update? That would solve my problem without having users send their .BAK files to you each time (which may get tedious for both sides!). :)
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Thanks for the feedback, I do understand your point of view and we're always trying to improve the product to meet everyone's needs. I will log a feature request to specify the separator but ultimately fixing the wrap point would be best.
I just purchased the commander binder... when printing in the jepp style format I have noticed the same issue. Many of my legs (listed in the route of flight) are wrapping however since I am using a "-" to separate the airports it is doing so randomly as described above with tpakiz.

I have the latest version and was hoping to not see this when I print my logbook but I still see many airports broken up ...
d :(

I often have 8 stops in one night of flying and would like to know if there is a better way to have this printed out. I am 95% done with back entering over 5,000 hours of flight time and getting excited to be able to use logbook pro and all of great features (reports etc). Any suggestions or do I need to remove all of the many many "-" manually?
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Hello Christopher,

I'm sorry but there is no change from what was discussed above. You have to weigh how important this really is to you or wait until a future version where we can handle this situation better.

Thank you.