Save and add new flight


Sep 2, 2013
UK and Spain
The save and add new flight feature previously defaulted to adding a flight with previous flights aircrafts make/type details e.g. Pipistrel or Diamond Star. etc.

It now defaults to adding a flight with the aircraft at the top of the alphabetical list of available aircraft. e.g. in my case Arcus. Meaning I have to then reselect pipistrel. Also when reselecting pipistrel from the drop down list it, pipistrel, is already highlighted, so to actually select pipistrel you have to select another make and type, e.g. C152, then go through the process again in and selecting pipistrel, and we have the desired aircraft for adding further data.

Is this intended new functionality and the androids apps working correctly?

If so I'd like to suggest going back to the old way default to the previous flights make of aircraft.

Best Regards Alan
Hi Neal,
Recall aircraft is on, and unfortunately, the problem still exists. Tried selecting off and on too. It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Worked fine up until recently, say within the last couple of weeks , (not sure exactly as it upgraded automatically). Any other ideas? Rgds Alan
Hi, Mine, on the samsung ace, is android 2.3.4. I've still got 6 months to run on the phone contract so it seems, that the snaggett will be lived with. Upgrading android is not an option as the phone is full, mainly of bloatware.. Rgds Alan