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Schedule Change


Dec 6, 2005
Ashland Oregon
oops posted in the other thread Okay, I love the APDL and Importer (Atlas Air) but as my life goes, my schedule changes frequently. Once I enter the actual times in my Palm, get a schedule change (frequently major changes) and import the new schedule to the Palm it erases the data I have already entered for the trip. Frustrating. If the thing could preserve the data entered that is not imported (Crew, Actual Times, Duty On, Notes and so on) it would be great. or better yet, if it would import the actual times as displayed on AIMS post flight adn leave the comment field as it was if somehting was entered.

Nice if you added a calculate Duty on function to prefs since we are on duty 1 and a half hours before scheduled departure.

Id like it to Import or more to the point export and synch to LogPro, Reserve assignments, DH and other non flying assignamnts as well.

Also, if it could import the remarks from the company from AIMS, much useful information is there like hotel names, phone numbers, confirmation numbers, 24 hour rest requirements all handy to check from the Palm. It is catching the Hotel names but leaving everything else off.

Id like to be able to change the default CA-PNF-Day to a more likely senario

Would also be nice if it considered legality for Flag carriers in international flying as well as an option for ICAO rules like the differences in England I have to operate under when flying a BA flight. Crew rest and Duty limits are different on those flights.

Id also like to be able to add custom FAR Alerts since our operation has many different considerations than the stock domestic pilot has or perhaps a page of Crew rest and Duty Contract Alerts when Contrat limits are reached.

I cant remember all the fields that have to be filled in to get the thing to export to the Logbook but I do know I cant seem to get reserve, alternate DH travels and other payroll events that dont include a flying leg or Block Time to go easily. Since I like to keep a record of what I actually did in the master log it would be nice if there was an option to import non flying entries.

One last thing on the wish List... Nice if APDL Importeer could import directly to the LogBook Pro and not have to go throught the Palm and if it imported the actual post flgiht times from the Trip detail in AIMS and the other import data I mentioned above that would be great. Just an option weather or not to replace the data when synching t he palm or better yet if it really did syncronise the files and an option for the palm to over write the PC and vice versa might help.

Okay, it is a long list and I know your working hard on it but I have to tell you I love this little program, have it installed on my Treo650 and show it to everyone and have stopped carrying a paper copy of my patterns.