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Nov 19, 2001
I am trying to search for a flight I did to a partiuclar airport but cannot find any feature to accomplish such a search. Can this be done? I assume this is one of the features of an electronic logbook. All I can find is a search by date function; if I knew the date, I would not need to search for it!

On the bottom of the spreadsheet area is a toolbar, click the binocular icon.

That's great. Except, it's not working for me. I'm looking for a flight to a particular airport that is in the route of flight that according to the route browser is there but LogBook pro cannot find. I have tried every option in the 'match' section to the left and still not luck.
Try bracketing your search term with asterisks such as *DFW* where the * represents a wild card (any characters, etc.). See attached.


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I must be missing something here. I'm trying to search for terms in the REMARKS column. I can't find anything using the Find function. Please help!

Shouldn't I be able to select "Remarks" as the column to search, type, *Shane* in the Find box, select Partial Match or Equal and have it find every entry that there is any mention of Shane in the remarks? I can do it with a entry in plain view and it still says, "No Match Found."