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Sep 16, 2008
Requesting new widgets on the Status Board, please.

  • Departure gate
  • Arrival gate
  • Departure weather: temperature F/C, clouds, altimeter, visibility, wind... (METAR info decoded and/or raw)
  • Arrival weather: temperature F/C, clouds, altimeter, visibility, wind... (METAR info decoded and/or raw)
  • Forecasted weather for Depature (TAF info decoded and/or raw)
  • Forecasted weather for Arrival (TAF info decoded and/or raw)
  • Runways with crosswind/tailwind/headwind
  • Sunrise/Sunset

Basically, all the information available in Aero Weather cloned for APDL.

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Requesting the addition of ETA to the Status Board widgets. ETA would be Actual Block OUT + Scheduled Block displayed as Zulu in large font at the top and Local in smaller font below Zulu. Destination would be displayed below the title ETA. By default the widget would live on the Blocked Out tab right below the current flight.
While you are at it, add the scheduled IN and maybe scheduled block to that widget too, please.
This thread has some great ideas for widgets, however I think we can all probably agree that additional widgets are just "nice to have" features and can definitely wait until after release. I'm making this thread a sticky so we can keep it at the top and use it as a holding place for widget ideas to be added later.
Can y'all get APDL to do the iOS notification widget thing? If you can we could pick what APDL will show on e pull down notification menu.
We do unless you opted out of notifications. Check in your DEVICE's Settings/Notifications that you've allowed APDL (ON). Also review the settings in APDL. We only use it in a limited fashion now but export more in the future.
I'm talking about the iOS widgets that show on the Today part of the Notification Center. Like these...
How about a Call Hotel widget?

Or a combined widget: call hotel and list last segment crew members names & CompanyID]
Another request for gate info in SB.
Thank you for getting the Gate widget running. Instead of two though, can you not just display one widget with both gate information?

New widget idea:

Can you program a user-defined hyper-link widget?

In settings, the user should be able to define any Internet address and have the widget launch/open that page.

An additional option/toggle should be available to launch/open the address in the device web browser instead of internally in APDL.

A final feature should be to allow passing current flight data (date, flt num, dept, dest) into the web address to allow dynamic page loads based on the current segment.

For example, a user would be able to define a web address using dynamic info:


Where date = current date
fno = current/next flight segment
dept = departure airport
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