Status of APDL to LBP sync?

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Feb 4, 2007
How is that going? How many more months should I expect to not have a current logbook?
So if I log it in APDL and then also log it in Logbook pro when the sync does happen, will it be a double entry? I need to have a current logbook for application reasons but when it does come to syncing I don't want to have to go back and delete the double records.
But doesn't that STILL involve entering everything twice, one in APDL and then in LBP MOBILE?
But doesn't that STILL involve entering everything twice, one in APDL and then in LBP MOBILE?

Yes, you would be entering the information in LBP Mobile or LBP desktop and also in APDL (you can use autofill in APDL to cut down your workload a bit). Neal was explaining how to keep your logbook current while we work to implement LBP sync in APDL.
Any update as to syncing APDL TO LOGBOOK PRO.? My free 90 day trial expires next month and this is a deal breaker if APDL sync does not work. Why not bring back the Palm APDL app until yall can provide the syncing capabilities.
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It's in the works, it is coming. It's a small part of a much bigger update to Logbook Pro desktop.

With all do respect: APDL was coming for over a year. I understand things take time, but no export function what-so-ever is hard to wrap my head around.

I fully, completely, wholeheartedly understand your point of view and no disrespect taken. 100% of our resources were devoted to APDL to get it to market. Some don't understand why APDL didn't release on Jan 4, 2014 when FAR 117 first came out, they don't realize how long development takes. In order to get APDL out even on Jan 4, 2015 we had to prioritize our resources and Logbook Pro Desktop which is stable was not something we could do yet it was the #1 item on the beta tester feedback as well, so it is not a surprise to hear this, our beta testers told me/us the same - but again, we have to do what we can to get APDL in your hands at all. You can now use APDL for your FAR 117 needs and we continue to develop it but have also resumed other projects such as Logbook Pro Desktop. Keep in mind, long ago APDL and Logbook Pro were two completely separate products (they still are) once owned by two different companies. Years after APDL came out it started porting data to Logbook Pro, then NC Software acquired APDL circa 2005. We realize people rely on both and we are working full steam ahead to get the brand new APDL passing its data to Logbook Pro for you. You have options in the interim: 1) Dual log as required directly in Logbook Pro Desktop, 2) Use Logbook Pro Mobile along side APDL, both can import schedules, 3) Wait to port the data into Logbook Pro Desktop when the feature becomes available if you don't rely on Logbook Pro reporting at the moment.

So the moral is, was it more important to put APDL in your hands as soon as we could or hold it off another few months just to bring it out when Logbook Pro Desktop can sync? I think most would prefer to get started in APDL and get legality and other uses in play then port the data when Logbook Pro Desktop's update comes out.

Hope this explains it, we are not a team of 2500 developers. We are a small company with several major applications on three different platforms as well as server side infrastructure we develop and maintain.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Most of us certainly understand the limitations. You can't do everything all at the same time. It's good to know at least that even the beta testers made it the number one item. I suppose it's too much to hope for that the syncing function is part of the big 7.1 release? I'm sure it's a fantasy as it's probably too soon to expect it but we can dream.
By the way, on a side note and unrelated, after the initial sticker shock of the pricing structure I am really getting to like the functionality of the new APDL. The real-time legality really works well. If I forget to enter the data for that leg. it starts telling me that I'm going to be illegal because it doesn't know we've already landed and begun the next leg. It was a really good idea to do the free 90-day trial to get it into everyone's hands and get them hooked. I've been selling it to every FO I fly with.

Thank you for the kind words and spreading the word about APDL. We are thrilled and confident in the product and the value, we can't wait to get even more done. Those of you that saw APDL Palm evolve, just wait, we can do so much more in today's tech space.

APDL 7.1 is APDL so no, it will not have Logbook Pro Sync. The Logbook Pro Desktop Sync has nothing to do with APDL, your data is synced to the cloud, we only need to do the Logbook Pro Desktop side. Again, the APDL part of Logbook Pro Desktop is a small part of what's in the works. I see no reason we can do a public beta when we get to that point so we can get early adopters and testers prior to production release. Stay tuned.

Thank you again, we hope to wrap up 7.1 this week then some final testing time and off to Apple.
Oh, my misunderstanding. I assumed the update required for the sync was to APDL. So, what will happen is APDL will somehow send info to the cloud and the new version of LBP will be able to download that data? Let me know about the beta when it ready for public trial. I've been nursing along my Palm version for a long time but I think it finally just wants to be retired. For some reason my LBP has stopped syncing to the APDL Palm back up files so instead of going through a bunch more hoops like reinstalling the Palm software, etc (I've already reinstalled LBP and reregistered both LBP and APDL) I was hoping the sync functionality would be working soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.
So now I see that the next version of LBP will not support XP. I have been using VMWARE+XP on my Mac. Does this mean that when adpl sync to LBP comes, I will need to change my operating system? XP and vmware were an expensive combo. At least $200 if I remember. What version of Windows should I get now, and how expensive is it, roughly? Is there a better way to run LBP on a Mac?
It has yet to be seen, but there might be some P.F.M. that will allow the next version of LBP to run on a Mac. This is pure speculation and has not been tested by myself, and information regarding the technique to do so, has not yet been verified by Neal. Time will tell!
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