Synch Palm PDA w/customized LBP 1.9.4


May 7, 2003
I'm switching 15 years of logbook entries to LBP from a paper logbook. Since I'm a military aviator, I've customized a number of entry titles and added some custom entry time and counters. While away from my PC, I took the time to enter a number of entries into my Visor Pro, which has Palm Companion 1.3. The first couple entries I made in Palm Companion were recent (last week) and synched OK (they were also made before I made the customizing changes to LBP). The other entries, which dated back to 1992, did not show up in the LBP after synch; even though the on-screen messages seemed to indicate that synchronization was taking place.

1. Will the PDA not insert entries into the middle of the LBP for some reason?

2. Does customizing the fields in LBP interfere with synchronization?

3. Is there a way to reflect the customized fields in PDA?

Wayne Morgan