Tested LBP import - issues


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Feb 4, 2007
First of all, thanks for finally giving us a workable solution after 2 years of complaining. Obviously it isn't elegant or polished, but it seems to work for now, with a little tweaking, and I am very happy to not have to double log all my flights using the LBP mobile app, which is an extremely limited piece of software.

Here are the issues I have found so far:

I had to create my own template, because even though I was able to download the template and "load" it on page 3 of the wizard, it did. It seem to actually map any of the fields in the template. I had to manually map the fields.

Everything imported except PIC time. Had to manually input those times. Not sure what I did wrong. Positions are CA-PF/CA-PM in APDL. How do I map the flight duration to PIC? What if I sit right seat? How could that automatically map to SIC if position was FO-PF/PM.

I had issues with the consistency of aircraft type. LBP has EMB-170 and EMB-175. ADPL had E170 and E175. I redefined these new types, but have to figure out how to make it consistent. I guess I need to change ADPL so it agrees with LBP.

Also same issue with some aircraft having N before the tail and some without the N. it would be great if APDL was "smart" about this so it recognized that the N number was the same aircraft whether or not it has the N and gives you an option to import with or without the N. not sure if the inconsistency came up with auto imported tail numbers. Do auto imports have the N?

Also, a minor issue for sure, but is there a way to import custom approach field. I created a custom approach field called "CAT II".

Thanks for finally giving us something to reduce the workload. Not sure why it took so long, but I am looking forward to seeing some improvements to more fully automate the logging process.
If you're not getting PIC time refer to the NOTAM on the APDL Export page. You can rename the aircraft types within APDL, the names you see are what come from our cloud resources as they use IATA names vs. names you use.
Never mind. I figure it out. Pic imported fine. But now I want to know how to get the aircraft ID to import WITHOUT the N. All my APDL entries auto filled the aircraft tail number with the N. LBP has no N in front of the tail numbers. It needs to be consistent. How can I continue to use auto fill in APDL and export without an N?
That Notam is no longer there. Can you post the instructions?

The notam won't show if you don't need to see it. Later beta versions resolved the issue. You should see that the POSITION column in the export data grid is populated, if not let us know.