Transferring old logbooks to Logbook Pro and printing question


Jan 27, 2004
I have SIC and FE time in one type aircraft. I have entered a transfer line for each position into logbook pro (rather than enter each individual flight for each position). In the aircraft configuration I have entered two types of aircraft to reflect the two positions. One for FO and one for FE. In the Analyzer window however no FE time is listed. Is there a way to have the analyzer recognize the FE time? Also, is this the best way to configure for FO and FE time?

I was also wondering how best to display certain types of experience when printing the logbook. For example, would I want a seperate column for turbine PIC, SIC, and FE time.


The Analyzer, as well as Logbook Pro in general, is geared around totalling time such as you desire based off Duration (Total Time). From prior correspondence, I believe you are entering data in Logbook Pro without entering a Duration or Flt Sim value (by unchecking the bottom checkbox in Options...Flight Log). This may not yield the best summary results using columns that are looking at totalling the Duration column. Instead, the only way to get summary values is to look at the summary information of your custom columns, or other columns in the logbook area.

The reports that closely resemble what you want would be the Jeppesen style reports. You may want to customize one using the template builders. There are reports such as the Aircraft Configurations Summary and other reports (percentages report) that provide the data you want, but if you want custom and aircraft data, you can look at the template option.