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Trouble editing Jeppessen Custom Templates


New member
Aug 28, 2006

I am trying to customize the Jeppessen Templates, but run into an unwilling program. Trying to rename columns to show OUT an IN times does not work and the Headers (ie ac cat and class) are also fixed for certain column names. Is there a way to freely edit the Jepp style (within limits of course).

Hello Niels,

The custom template system allows you to rename columns, adjust fonts, and set data fields as desired. When you click a column, on the far left side you'll see the option to change the individual column title OR the group title. Please experiment with these settings. Be sure to click the SAVE option on the toolbar then preview the report.
OK, this worked except for the OUT and IN fields, which are showing blanks. Is this normal - are capable of showing time values ?
I reproduced the issue but I'm not sure that block time fields are supposed to be in the list of available fields. I logged this as a bug (Ref #: LB1251) and will review this functionality for the next maintenance release. At this time I suggest not choosing block time fields in the custom report template system.