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unable to import CDO's correctly


Mar 20, 2006
I have used APDL for about a year, but the last 2 months, I havn't been able to import my CDO's. I use the ASA (flica) importer and am using the latest version downloaded today

My schedule in APDL shows 1 leg on one day and 1 on the next morning, but will not show the leg that same evening. so i'm diong it all manually. Iv'e tried the generic importer, but it doesn't work either. Her is the format:

A4520 : 29MAR EVERY DAYBSE REPT: 1932LOperates: Mar 2-Mar 31 Base/Equip: ATL/CRJCA01FO01FA01DYDHCFLTNODPS-ARSDEPLARRLBLKTGRNT TBLKTDHDTCRDTPAYTDUTYLAYOVER WE 4845ATL-AZO20322227 01550813CODHoliday Inn269-3756000TH 4837AZO-ATL06400848 0208 0403 04031331 D-END: 0903L T.A.F.B.: 1331 Total: 04030000000004031331 Crew: CA 13626 xxxxxxx,xxxx FO 21061 xxxxx,xxxxx FA 18703 xxxxxxxxxxx,xxx
Any help