Updated to version 1.10.38 and now can't add flights


Jun 17, 2005
Hi I just upgraded to the latest version of LBP 1.10.38 and now I can't access/change any portion of my logbook entries. It just appears frozen. All other functions of the program appear normal except the internet portion which is also frozen. I am running Vista 32 Home premium with IE8 RC1. Regards, Mike
If you experience a problem with using the spreadsheet style data entry area, i.e. it appears frozen, grayed out, etc. please reset your layout. This will NOT result in any data loss, simply the layout will have to be reset and modified again to your desire. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

For details on how to reset the layout please see this KB article.

I have the same problem (running XP). I tried resetting and it did no good. What next?

Have you tried going to the options, then Flight Log, then click on "Default" on the right?

I was having the same problem and the "Default" reset fixed everything.