UTC + half hour increments


Jun 8, 2004
Alberta Canada
This was a WIP according to Paul... An example is Delhi which is UTC + 5.5 hrs. Is this still work in progress? What other updates (if any) are in the pipe?Are you starting from scratch on this, or is Paul, or others continuing to'support' during this change over?

Ian... also a LB Pro registered user
The current version of the software does not support .5 hour increments. The work around is to switch to the "Logbook Timezone" on the main logbook page. Thenenter\update all times corrected to the logbook timezone.

I will be working closely with NC Software to continue to support APDL. We look forward to the continued growth of the software.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
Paul, thanks for a great program. You should be very proud of what you've accomplished.

I guess the only constant in life is change, and we are experiencing just that now. I'm very happy to hear you will be staying around though, and hopefully continuing to build and support this program in the converging world of PDAs. Who'd have 'thunk' one day we'd be snapping pix, phoning home, listening to MP3s, and updating our logbooks all on the same device... albeit not all at once ... YET, dang! :)

What is the plan for on going support... Your program came with 2 yrs access to updates, and support (I have a yr left)... What are the plans ongoing? Do we have to buy a version every 2 yrs (vs LB Pro's essentially one time buy), or will duo users get some sort of combined deal now that its all the same company?


Ian, a happy ADPL and LB Pro user
Hello Ian,

Thank you for your kind words. NC Software is honoring all support agreements from 6/1/2003 until the acquisition which is in effect on 1 June 2005. We are in the process of sending out the complimentary version 6 key codes now for that time frame. Auman Software's support contract does not carry over to NC Software in that NC Software's upgrade policies now cover the version 6 product and forward. There will be no charge for updates or download access for the version 6 series. You'll have free reign now just like with Logbook Pro until the next major version (7 as an example) is released.

Thanks... great news... ver 6 KC just arrived. Man I hate xx.0 versions :).... Just kidding (unless your name is Gates that is)... I'll download it, but install it 'after awhile' :))

Updates installed NP...

>>The work around is to switch to the 'Logbook Timezone' on the main logbook page. Then enter\update all times corrected to the logbook timezone<<

Yes I've been 'working around' this since day one (I use UTC to enter), however I was just curious as to when or if this was in the WIP stream? I seem to remember that you said it was.