117 Times ?


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Feb 3, 2015
Is there a way as a new user to go in and update all of the times for the 117 calculations?
I am just starting to use APDL as a trial.

Previously flown... hours in FDP for 672/168 and 365.
Just wondering if there is a way to enter these without trying to backlog all flights that would count into them.
No there is not. APDL is designed to automatically track all these values.

This serves two purposes.
1. It's easier for the user than having to add them up manually.
2. It prevents user error during adding or entering the values, thereby preventing inaccurate legality calculations and warnings.
OK thanks... Guess all the numbers will be wrong until I use the program for a month for the 672 and year for the 365.

Might be something to look into for the setup with new users going forward.

Thanks again,
You are correct.

This is just part of the nature of a new app that uses historical data.

We have considered multiple options for this, but at the end of the day we still can't help everyone. An option is using the schedule importer to import actual times from your company website if still available that far back. This isn't ideal because it will only include flight time and you will still be missing duty and rest data, but it may be a start for you.

If a user doesn't have Logbook Pro or APDL on Palm and have just purchased APDL for the first time, they can't possibly import that data at all, so even importing past data from those programs still isn't a perfect solution.
Realize that FDP data and actual OUT/IN times only have to go back 672 hours. Beyond that, an individual only needs daily block totals going back 365 days.