A small bug?


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Nov 19, 2001

I record my flights in Handbase and change the data to a CSV file which I import into LBP. The OUT, OFF, ON, andIN fields always end up with a date of Jan 1, 1899 but the correct time. Still trying to figure out why that happens.

So then I have click on each of the OUT, OFF, ON andIN fields to enter the correct date. Now when I click on the OUT field the date picker window opens up to give me the chance to enter the date and times for the OUT field and the date and time for the IN field. I can enter the date from the keyboard for the OUT date but if I try to enter the date for the IN field the whole fricking computer locks up everytime. I can enter the date if I use the mouse and step through all the years but if I enter the date manually then I have to use the Windows Task Manager to shut LBP down. 1.9.7 behaved this way and does, as well.
Thanks for reporting this, I'll log it for review Your tracking number is LB 470 - Priority Low.