Resolved Auto Night not calculating correctly


Nov 19, 2001
I have been struggling with the Auto-Night feature of the iOS mobile app. If I enter the flight immediately after the flight concludes, the Auto Night seems to calculate correctly. However, if I forget to log the flight immediately after it concludes and wait until I can retrieve the OOOI times from my company's intranet, the Auto Night will log the entire flight as Night. Does it not have the ability to figure out the night time from the past retroactively?

In settings, I have Auto Night selected on and the time zone set to UTC.
As long as the date and time are correct it should calculate regardless of when the flight is entered. Don't confuse company data which may be in UTC and you're intending to log as local.
That isn't how it's working out for me. I import my trips in UTC; UTC & Local are both options given by the company but the FMS times I use for logging are in UTC so I keep it all UTC.

I did just notice one thing, so let me run it by you...
When imported, the flights all have the checkbox "Pending Flight" checked as they are future flights. If I don't UNCHECK it before trying to log the flight and allow the app to compute times, will that cause a problem? Often, I will enter the OOOIs and save to finish later so as to not hold up the crew.

update... just tested that theory. It didn't make a difference. An 8.5 flight that was all daytime flying still computed as all night.
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@pilotbum I received your screenshots. The issue is you have AutoFill set to enter Night to match your Duration. To resolve this go into your PC Options > AutoFill settings and review each Type and set the desired options. You'll see in your aircraft in the screenshot Night is checked and that's the cause. Sync your PC (Cloud Sync > Sync Now) and then sync your App to pickup the new config.
Got it! Thank you. I figured it was something I was doing wrong.

SO riddle me this... sometimes (I believe when there was night), it would work correctly. So I'm assuming if there was a period of the flight that was night, it would calculate correctly, otherwise, autofill all as night?

Thanks again.