Bug Report My schedule import is messed up on times. Using SWA CWA


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Mar 30, 2007
OK, going back to flying after Exto. Trying to get my calendar/logbook setup on APDL. Due to SWA making easy hard again, the APDL toolkit is not working correctly right now.
If I click on it, it doesn't take me to the CWA login page....it takes me to the Microsoft office login page. Then it opens SWAlife. I don't have a clue how to directly access CWA right now.

I'm having to use a 3rd party program, to copy paste into APDL. That works, except timezones and trip times screwed up after import.
I have my APDL to default to my local area(DAL) ie CST.

Any trip that is located in CST, looks fine. As do my FDP and Duty. However, if in another timezone, APDL is thinking I'm in that timezone, then adding to that timezone to make it CST.

Example:Had flight 1681 DAL-RSW Depart 19:30 Arr: 22:00 What APDL did Was used the 22:00 arrival time as EST. Hence APDL showed arrival of 21:00 which would be CST.
Of course this messed up my Duty times and FDP. What should have shown was an arrival time of 22:00. It's even worse on west coast trips. It caused a legal error, as it showed a 10:55 flight time period.

I have manually made the corrections, would sure like to get this resolved. I am using Generic Moostro dated for import. Auto did not work. A sit stands right now, can't use APDL toolkit, only copy and paste.

If I try and use APDL toolkit on the 3rd party CWA, it shows no trip found. I'll try the process selection...maybe that may work.

Any help appreciated. trip starts tomorrow. I think I'm OK for this 3 day. I'm sure the other days are messed up too, as it's the same trip the whole month.

EDIT: Hmm, OK just checked the rest of the month. They seemed to import fine. First month adjusted, so should be OK. Would like to figure out how to use the APDL toolkit again.
Hello David,

I suggest using the schedule importer on APDL.net and be sure to set the proper timezone of your trip data. If that's incorrect it will cause the issues you describe. If you want to use the app please review the Settings > Schedule Importer settings to also verify the trip time zone is set correctly, etc.
Thanks Neal. For some reason, it was only the first 3 day trip sequence. As I mentioned in my Edit, the rest of the month was imported correctly.
Scratching head./ made changes for tomorrow, the rest of the month was correct...go figure.

The timezones were correct in the settings sched importer. I use CST (Herby time) for everything. Just used to it after 28 years of SWA.