Resolved Time Disappearance


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Aug 26, 2014
Hello, I am seeing a bug in the "flights" view, where the OOOI, out and in times are not being displayed in the Flight log view as they should be. They will be there on one refresh and disappear the next as seen in the attachment of the first 2 flights and the first flight on the 17th. [Removed Image for privacy reasons, since Solving]

[Feature] Auto night calculation would be awesome!
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Thanks for the info, we'll check into it.

You do not have to use the time calculator to calc your block UNLESS you are logging multiple legs into one flight entry. Otherwise enter your OOOI and tap the Calculator button right of the Duration field.
Oh dear, have I been doing that wrong the last 5? year! Thank you, I will look at that today.

Edit: I have of course. I wonder if I am the only one. I think the design layout always pushed me to press the "Time Calculator" button. Instead of the Calculator icon to the right of duration.
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