Resolved Logbook Pro Mobile not syncing to Desktop


Jul 3, 2021
I am running version 8.1.6 of mobile app. All my flights show synced but for some reason when I sync with desktop the last flight imported is 4/19/22. I have tried the last two days to sync the approximately 30 flights since the 19th and they do not show up. The five steps in the syncing process appear to be working but the flights are not added. After reviewing the forum, I logged out of both the mobile app and desktop and then relogged in. I also ran the commander series report with all data and the flights are definingly not downloaded. Lastly, I checked to make sure my subscription is active and it is. Any other ideas how I can get my mobile data to sync. I do not want to mark all data unsynced as this is about 1650 legs and that would seem to be a disaster.

Thank you. I got it to work by resyncing data as you suggested. In case it happens again, the first item number 6 states "View the REPORTS items to verify the dates at the top represent the date and time you just synced your PC and the data is valid from your PC data"

Where do I find the reports items?