All Data Lost?


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Nov 4, 2023

I recently upgraded my iPhone and download the Logbook Pro app.

Once I logged in, all my data was there. I went, however, to the desktop application and noticed none of my iPhone data was showing up in the desktop app (note this is a PC I've not used with Logbook Pro before), thinking the data would just sync up. Clicking around on the desktop app, I selected the "Cloud Sync" option > "Sync Now", and then suddently ALL of my data display zeroes (0) on the iPhone now! Where's my data!? I still have access to the old phone, but I am afraid to open it and then the data just deleting suddently because the empty desktop DB is the active one in the cloud, maybe?

EDIT: The data is ALSO deleted from my old iPhone. I think that, when I opened the LogBook Desktop app on the new computer, the Desktop app uploaded an empty file? I mean, how can data just be lost like that????!!!!!

I also DON'T have Cloud Backup services. There's a separate subscription for everything here... How do I get my data?
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