Answered Hotel data lost


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Jan 11, 2003
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I was just looking over some log entries from last year, and discovered that all of my “Hotel Name” data from prior to June 2023 has disappeared (nearly 20 years’ worth)!

Is there any way to recover this data? I had been in the beta testing group, but switched back to the App Store version a few weeks ago.

Hello @robp1,

I suggest submit a problem report from the Communication area of the app but I'm not sure how this could happen, no other reports have come in as such, I don't know if this was a beta issue from the past. Are hotel names remaining for everything after June 2023?
Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, hotel data is intact for June 2023 and forward. That was the month I went to captain upgrade training, and changed my domicile - I wonder if that had anything to do with it? I sent a problem report through the Communication page.

Unfortunately, I only have APDL installed on the one device, so I don't have another copy of the data file. However, I did find some APDL export files for Logbook Pro that include previous hotel data, so I can reconstruct it from that, but it would be time consuming.