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Nov 14, 2001

We are excited to announce the release of APDL 8 Public Beta coming very soon to your inbox. Apple will send you an email that APDL Version 7.9.0 (the beta version before it switches to 8.0 when it goes to production) is available to test at approximately 1 PM (EDT) today. If you do not receive it be sure to check your spam/junkmail folder. The email will instruct you to open the TestFlight app which is Apple's app used for beta testing iOS apps. It would be a good idea to install the TestFlight app on all devices running APDL now. You can search the Apple App Store for "TestFlight" or click the image above which will take you there now to install the app. Please be sure to read THIS email and all information below very carefully which will go over the "highlights" of what's new but there is so much new, improved, fixed it will be hard to list in this message so this will just address the major topics.

Note on Backwards Compatibility

APDL 8 is NOT compatible with APDL 7.1.22 that is currently available in the App Store. This means that ALL devices you use and have APDL installed must have the BETA version installed. This also means you cannot uninstall the beta and go back to the App Store build but there will be no need to do so. This beta build you are about to install has been extensively tested by our private beta team for a very long time.

New Schedule Importer Features

One major new and revised feature of the APDL 8 Beta is the schedule importer functionality. You will no longer see "Importer" on the menu but instead "Download Schedule" - when tapping this you will get a prompt with one item which is to view the Getting Started Guide. PLEASE READ THIS carefully as it will instruct you as to all of the amazing new magic available to you. FLiCA users can enter your credentials which are stored securely in the chip on your device (not synced or exposed in any way) protected by Apple's secure data protection system which will allow APDL to automatically communicate with FLiCA for schedule download AND change detection.

There is a new "APDL Toolkit" available for you to enable in Safari which also allows schedule import downloading as well as trip selection and processing. Be sure to read the Getting Starting Guide as mentioned above on how to turn the "APDL Toolkit" ON in Safari by tapping the "share" button. has new functionality and a slightly different workflow for you AFTER you have installed the beta. Now you process your trip data (if not automatically for FLiCA users) and then click a new button that moves your trip data directly into your APDL data which will sync automatically to your device. Be sure that all of your devices ALLOW notifications so the APDL server can notify your devices to sync in the new data. You can review and enable Notifications for APDL in the Device's Settings > APDL area.

Sync Improvements (Action Required)

We had a sync issue in the past that was corrected several months ago. If you used APDL prior to January please take the following action to ensure the cloud database has a good copy of your device data. Only do this with a strong Wi-Fi or LTE Internet Connection.

  1. On all devices go to Settings > Sync & Backup to turn sync OFF
  2. On your most trusted device (if you use more than one) tap the UP arrow option in Settings > Sync & Backup which replaces cloud with device. Wait for the process to complete.
  3. On any other devices that have APDL installed (and up to date with the beta version) tap the DOWN arrow option in Settings > Sync & Backup which will replace device with cloud data.
  4. On ALL devices turn sync ON agai nin Settings > Sync & Backup
  5. Your devices are now "aligned" and will sync perfectly going forward

Overview of New Features and Improvements

  • 3D Application Shortcuts for iPhone 6S/6S Plus devices
  • iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro split-screen and slide-out support
  • Touch ID for app access protection
  • Numerous settings added for more control of the app, please review all settings screens
  • Calendar Sync is much improved and now controlled by Payroll Category as to what syncs to your calendar if you use Calendar Sync
  • Calendar Sync data is improved adding a link to view the flight in FlightAware and Hotel information will be added to the last flight of the day
  • Crewmembers and Tails are now tied to your Airline. If you move to a different airline/employer you will no longer see tails/crews from prior
  • Ability to ARCHIVE data such as Crews, Types, Tails, and Payroll. This does not delete anything, it just hides them. You can also swipe to access the archive menu
  • Crewmembers has a new "This Is Me" option where you should identify YOU in the Crewmembers list. Also the crew area is filtered by position.
  • All search areas improved to filter by your Airline or All data
  • Drill down data such as finding Flights where a Tail or Crew is logged, as an example.
  • Social networking via the share button in the flight entry screen allows you to post your flight to Facebook or Twitter if desired
  • Airport Notes are available from the "Entry" (formerly called Leg) screen
  • A new "Resources" row on the bottom of the flight entry screen will take you to outstanding information resources such as EDCT, FlightAware, and FlightStats info by airport
  • Ground/Turn Time data next to gate info showing you time between flights
  • Delta values showing you early/late over/under on out, in, and block
  • iOS 9 Peek/Pop to view airport notes from the airport picker screen
  • New Status Board Widgets for Rest and Hotel information
  • New REST information in Legality and Status Board (charts and detail)
  • Improvements to AutoFill and CrossCheck

Numerous Bug Fixes (hundreds)

At the bottom of this email is our raw/uncensored bug tracker list for you to review as you wish. The moral is that we fixed a ton of things and this BETA is a phenomenal improvement of the APDL product we sure you will enjoy.

Testing and Feedback

Please report any and all issues, suggestions, etc. to the APDL Beta Forum. Please include screenshots to help us see what you see. If you have a private issue such as an account issue please contact If you experienced something such as a crash or odd behavior we can review your device's error log by sending us a "Problem Report" from the Communications area of the app via the menu.

We will send new builds through Apple's TestFlight system as we have them per your feedback and suggestions. Please install all new builds as it is important to remain up to date with the latest beta at all times on all devices you use with APDL.

Logbook Pro Sync

Logbook Syncing of APDL data is NOT a feature of APDL but instead Logbook Pro Desktop. Be sure to join the Logbook Pro Desktop Public Beta at if you have not already done so and you can test the new features in the coming weeks including APDL Sync.
We hope you enjoy the upcoming release of APDL but more importantly we need you to be an active participant in the beta program. We look forward to hearing from you on the forum to see how your testing is going whether good or bad. We expect the beta cycle to last several weeks while we ensure this new version is thoroughly tested prior to the production release.

Complete List from our Tracker:

** Bug
* [AI-1210] - TAFB incorrect after marking a trip "sick"
* [AI-1333] - Custom payroll category issues
* [AI-1631] - Rest calculation error associated with RAP?
* [AI-1764] - APDL flagging WOCL rest issue incorrectly
* [AI-1818] - App incorrectly showing on duty with only canceled legs that day
* [AI-1907] - Not possible to log SCR and airport standby reserve on the same day
* [AI-2019] - RAP limits need to be disabled for long call reserve
* [AI-2035] - Diversion legs are being listed out of order
* [AI-2061] - Revisit Legality Report Delay Handling when actual times are entered?
* [AI-2066] - Override Pay Rate Causes miscalculation in payroll display
* [AI-2122] - Legality Status page FDP limit not highlighted
* [AI-2166] - Duty time being added for "no duty" payroll categories
* [AI-2273] - Consecutive Nighttime Ops calculation is incorrect
* [AI-2323] - Deadhead overblock is not reflected in daily credit
* [AI-2372] - Legality Details Page Issues
* [AI-2393] - Creating new early SCR jumps ahead a day
* [AI-2431] - Overblock display wrong when minimum credit is used
* [AI-2469] - Resume Profile not saving summary statement
* [AI-2507] - Rest not calculating correctly after non-flying leg that applies to legality
* [AI-2508] - Rest ignoring SCR with non-flying duty
* [AI-2512] - Projected Mode not calculating Release or Rest
* [AI-2515] - Crash when Calendar resync
* [AI-2518] - Auto Calc Night will not stay OFF when changed in Settings
* [AI-2519] - When changing Leg editor input schemes clear values from hidden rows
* [AI-2522] - Missing hotel info
* [AI-2523] - Over/Underblock display missing the last digit when greater than 99 (iPhone only?)
* [AI-2525] - Leg AutoForward not forwarding LAST info but first? (such as crew)
* [AI-2529] - App seems to crash when updating a duty period then clicking the calendar icon on the right
* [AI-2540] - Can not downgrade to 7.1.22
* [AI-2553] - Master Schedule Page needs to handle multiple lines
* [AI-2555] - Script Error in JetBlue Flica Schedule Download
* [AI-2556] - Autoforward bug
* [AI-2589] - SI not capturing trips added to a RAP
* [AI-2603] - Fields not Collapsing properly for DH legs
* [AI-2604] - Cannot Add Aircraft via Settings...Aircraft
* [AI-2605] - Settings screens (pushed from LEG) not sorting or don't have a sort pattern that they should
* [AI-2606] - Keyboard doesn't hide when deleting aircraft tail
* [AI-2609] - Dropped trips are not removed from iOS Calendar
* [AI-2627] - Aircraft - type - tail - change tail number creates a new record, old record remains.
* [AI-2628] - iPhone 6S Plus not sizing launch screen correctly
* [AI-2629] - Time input view hours off by 1 on the day of daylight savings transition
* [AI-2630] - Auto Night is not populating NIGHT calc'd into the Night field
* [AI-2641] - Hotel info populates to all layovers incorrectly
* [AI-2655] - App crashes when deleting a trip that has legs on the iphone
* [AI-2663] - UserSettings not persisting Crew Website URL's?
* [AI-2671] - Autoforward does not run when autocomplete runs automatically (15 after scheduled in)
* [AI-2675] - Before enabling "Process Selection" menu item, check selected text length
* [AI-2678] - Dash in incorrect location when enter in custom time zone is used
* [AI-2688] - Settings > Airline Payrate input issues
* [AI-2689] - Date Last Flown AC Type incorrect
* [AI-2694] - Schedule Importer issue (paste trip text method)
* [AI-2704] - Legality not calculating with redeyes and other schedule import scenarios
* [AI-2708] - Download Schedule spinner spins endlessly with new user setup
* [AI-2713] - Tapping Cancel in Search View after entering a search term (no results) crashes app
* [AI-2714] - Searching for airport by name fails
* [AI-2718] - Weather is not showing animated weather overlay
* [AI-2719] - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
* [AI-2721] - Searching for an airport fails to show results on second try
* [AI-2736] - Not all changes are being sent to server during Sync
* [AI-2739] - Override Pay Rate- cannot enter full value
* [AI-2743] - If the user turns of Calendar Privacy external to the app (Device Settings) APDL still thinks it has permissions
* [AI-2750] - Trip showing twice
* [AI-2751] - Crash when open Employment History when there's no employement
* [AI-2752] - Remove map arcs for canceled legs
* [AI-2765] - Non-flying duty gets projected
* [AI-2767] - Projected duty end time is wrong when in projected mode
* [AI-2768] - Gates not autofilling, code review post sync handling
* [AI-2773] - Hotel Issues
* [AI-2775] - Rest period added in Download Schedule
* [AI-2777] - iPad Logbook crashing
* [AI-2784] - credit and block deltas are incorrect when swapping a trip in SI
* [AI-2787] - Projected mode not working properly
* [AI-2797] - Staggered left edges in Tables such as Settings > General MISC
* [AI-2801] - Remove the FDP part of the pre-duty notification if there's no flight duty
* [AI-2814] - Review auto adjust duty times when importing via SI
* [AI-2816] - App crashes on iPad when tapping hotel phone number auto-linked by iOS
* [AI-2820] - Hide extraneous airports from US list
* [AI-2822] - Rest legality issue
* [AI-2826] - Crash after save
* [AI-2827] - Removed second URL display when downloading schedules
* [AI-2843] - CalendarManger.SaveLeg() has an IndexOutOfRange exception
* [AI-2846] - Crashed while adding crew
* [AI-2847] - Opening a note from Search view crashes app
* [AI-2852] - Review forum thread for deleted rest op and legality issues
* [AI-2856] - Null exception in TripViewTableView.GetHeightForRow
* [AI-2863] - Crash during startup
* [AI-2867] - App crashing on iPhone/iPad
* [AI-2875] - App crashes when creating a detailed legality report for a day with no FDP
* [AI-2877] - What if page FDP remaining value doesn't reflect what if calculations
* [AI-2878] - Crash after Save
* [AI-2880] - Rest error
* [AI-2890] - Download schedules crashing on tap
* [AI-2894] - Download Schedule appears to do nothing when very poor internet connection
* [AI-2899] - Legality view shifts to current day after one minute
* [AI-2904] - Null exception in Leg.IsDataValid
* [AI-2913] - If there's a $ in the per diem rate, it gets reset to zero
* [AI-2914] - RAP is never added to the calendar
* [AI-2937] - Trip stuck in projected mode even when all Legs closed
* [AI-2949] - SI web portal notification does not dismiss when import completed
* [AI-2957] - Schedule Importer skipped a couple of days
* [AI-2964] - Download sked modified past closed trips
* [AI-2965] - Sked errors
* [AI-2972] - No trips found
* [AI-2974] - UI issues with Trip Review cells
* [AI-2979] - After initialSync going to Settings > Crewmembers shows an empty view
* [AI-2990] - Time display issue
* [AI-2991] - App messed up daylight savings time
* [AI-2993] - Massive "runaway?" legality recalculations over and over, never completes
* [AI-3010] - A beta tester reported all Leg.Aircraft were delete when importing his Feb schedule
* [AI-3043] - Add prev employment is not copying Airline record into Airlines Entity
* [AI-3047] - after importing the APDL Toolkit only has the Cancel button enabled
* [AI-3048] - APDL toolkit incorrectly detecting pages as login pages
* [AI-3058] - Gap in iPad Calendar view below day names and it changes while scrolling
* [AI-3065] - Flight time limit missing on graphs
* [AI-3070] - Crew Website - Only return User ID and Password if the current user ID matches the user ID stored in the keychain.
* [AI-3079] - Schedule Importer doesn't Auto Adjust duty times

** Story
* [AI-1069] - Architecting APDL's data over the lifetime of a pilot
* [AI-1619] - Frustration with RAP (forum copy)
* [AI-2614] - Pushing external links in iOS 9 then going back to APDL re-activates app

** New Feature
* [AI-18] - Social Networking Integration
* [AI-589] - Auto-insert Me into the appropriate crew position
* [AI-615] - Airport notes like APDL v6 offered
* [AI-782] - Overblock/Underblock Display
* [AI-1332] - Implement Touch ID for APDL app access
* [AI-1638] - Calculate ground time between legs
* [AI-1941] - Trip or Duty Rigs
* [AI-2403] - Show flight in FlightAware
* [AI-2566] - Add iOS 9 shortcuts to APDL functional areas (Status Board, Schedule, Calendar, Legality, etc.)
* [AI-2813] - Add iOS 9 PEEK to view Airport Notes from Airport Search
* [AI-2831] - Leg/Duty Rig Rounding Error
* [AI-2908] - EDCT information
* [AI-2919] - Add FlightStats web resources to Leg "More Info" area

** Task
* [AI-1669] - Add Duty and Trip Rig.
* [AI-2264] - Code review for Rest Calc in Monitor EarliestReportTime and BindNextAvailableDuty SB widget
* [AI-2360] - Review SUN calculation code
* [AI-2577] - Update Getting Started Guide so it clearly outlines the five methods of importing a trip
* [AI-2710] - Test app with FAA only code
* [AI-3071] - Set IATA to DHF for the airport with ICAO OMAM and Airport Name to Al Dhafra

** Improvement
* [AI-545] - FAR 1.1 Flight Time Out-Taxi-Off-On-In
* [AI-1251] - Add a setting to specify if crewmember is CA or FO, then group by
* [AI-1911] - Keep FDP Clock Running after last flight
* [AI-2115] - Add Decimal value to Rig Settings
* [AI-2116] - Trip Rig not Calculating
* [AI-2117] - SC RSV adding to TAFB and per diem improperly
* [AI-2146] - Don't Allow Empty Duty Periods
* [AI-2156] - iPhone Legality Report - Right and Bottom Margin issues
* [AI-2340] - add ability to enter actual times for rest opportunities
* [AI-2359] - Graph and Report on Projected REST
* [AI-2441] - CrossCheck should look no further back than legality windows (365)?
* [AI-2456] - Create Launcher Storyboard for iOS 9 split-view support
* [AI-2460] - From crewmember screen push to show all legs that include this crewmember
* [AI-2461] - From aircraft type and tail screens push to leg list including those types/tails
* [AI-2466] - Consider removing tail number and crew from sick entries
* [AI-2496] - Aircraft Entity has a currentAirlineId property but we are not setting it
* [AI-2511] - Remove calendar events during leg updates such as Cancel, Sick, etc.
* [AI-2548] - Limit how far back CrossCheck looks (10 year data test)
* [AI-2602] - Remove Settings > Notifications Schedule Importer item
* [AI-2634] - Cloud Import : Add optional leg detail information to PendingChanges
* [AI-2635] - Process Text/Process HTML (with out selection), suggest we go directly to ProcessingChangesViewController
* [AI-2640] - Check for pending trip data on app resume and present a view with change manifest
* [AI-2654] - When selecting paste and process trip, fill the text field with what ever is in the clipboard
* [AI-2667] - Detailed trip summary scrolls off screen
* [AI-2669] - Over/Under block RED is not readable on black
* [AI-2680] - When Legality Status is in view refresh it when legality is recomputed
* [AI-2692] - Review Airport Code change for Lima Peru (SPJC, SPIM, LIM...
* [AI-2707] - Add OPST (SKT) to Airport Database
* [AI-2724] - Warn users that sync is off, periodically
* [AI-2734] - Aircraft history includes flights not yet flown
* [AI-2737] - Add FlightAware link for live tracking in Calendar Appointment notes
* [AI-2742] - Add row to push to iOS Device Settings to manage push notification settings
* [AI-2809] - Add button to delete hotel (like delete leg, trip)
* [AI-2810] - Potential two syncs back to back on startup (resume)?
* [AI-2849] - Show an identifier in the iPad Logbook in Flight # field when entry (leg) has no flight #
* [AI-2853] - Adding duty when Calendar is in full screen mode hides DONE button in TripView
* [AI-2860] - Add setting for user to choose what Airport Code to use (IATA vs. ICAO)
* [AI-2866] - Sort airport search RECENT tab by date used descending for a maximum number of results
* [AI-2918] - Sort CrossCheck descending so recent is at top
* [AI-2921] - Add "Sync to Calendar" in Payrolls and remove checkbox items in Settings > Calendar
* [AI-2942] - Download Schedule Feedback from Import (blank screen delays)
* [AI-2959] - If an imported trips is 'close' to another treat them as a swap
* [AI-2961] - Add right edge index to Crewmembers tableview
* [AI-2981] - Add index to Tails
* [AI-2982] - Complete the currentAirline filtering and entity relations
* [AI-2983] - Add support to archive (hide) Tails, Crew, Types, and later PayCats
* [AI-2986] - Show OOOI deltas like over/under block to compare Scheduled to Projected/Actuals
* [AI-2989] - Add a Trip View section to Settings > General and add more settings for new Trip View data control
* [AI-2996] - Add thisIsMe to Crew model
* [AI-3011] - Consider UIRowAction to archive/unarchive
* [AI-3012] - Settings > Airline and Schedule Importer share Report/Release, consolidate to one view pushed from those settings
* [AI-3014] - Add UISegment to filter Crewlist by position
* [AI-3015] - No way to set Current Employment End Date back to Currently Employed if a date was picked
* [AI-3016] - Show CA or FO in right side of crewmember for default CA / FO
* [AI-3023] - Add HOTEL status board widget
* [AI-3024] - Trip View needs to rebind/reload on sync completed
* [AI-3055] - Add hotel information to Calendar Event notes for last leg of the day
* [AI-3056] - Inconsistent Appearance: Roster/Schedule view vs. Date Picker
* [AI-3092] - Instead of UIAlertViews use a full screen modal view to inform of Remote Notifications

** Sub-task
* [AI-783] - Early/Late display
* [AI-2325] - inOOOI missing from March in beta tester's data
* [AI-2478] - Legality reports should project upcoming rest
* [AI-2497] - Crew has currentAirlineId but it's not set
* [AI-2539] - Adding SCR to calendar
* [AI-2722] - Make sure SCR and airport reserve are included in the FDP total
* [AI-2780] - Logpages crashes
* [AI-2802] - Add payroll settings switch for "applies to FDP"
* [AI-2884] - Crash on legality check
* [AI-2929] - Sked not downloading
* [AI-3001] - Crash setting Hire Date in Employment
* [AI-3073] - Leg editor in "Return to Gate" mode shouldn't display off or on times

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